3 Best Free Data Recovery Software

  • 18 Jan 2020



Deleting files on your PC or laptop is a natural thing because maybe those files you no longer need. However, sometimes you accidentally delete files or lose important files due to viruses or bugs in your PC and it makes you panic because the file is considered important.

If that is the wrong file deletion, naturally, we will immediately look to the Recycle Bin, because basically, if the file has been deleted, it doesn’t just disappear, Windows will pop it in the Recycle Bin first. But, if the files are not in the Recycle Bin, what should we do?

Data Recovery Tips to Look For

Do a file or folder search that was accidentally deleted with the default Windows Find or Search facility. Some PC or laptop users who experience missing files or folders, after searching using Find or Search facilities, the file or folder in question turns out to be stored accidentally in another folder.

If the file you’re looking for still doesn’t exist? Don’t panic and don’t modify any data on the hard drive. It is feared to have an impact on the loss of your old data and the data recovery process will be increasingly difficult. In cases like this, what you need is data recovery software.

For that reason, in this article, we will discuss some data recovery software that is able to recover your lost files, even though you have formatted the hard drive before or deleted the data.

3 Best Free Data Recovery Software

According to Fossbytes, when deleting a data, the data is not immediately lost, because only the database tables are missing. Therefore, to perform important data recovery, what is needed is data recovery software.

1. Recuva File Recovery

Recuva file recovery is one of the best free data recovery software today. Recuva data recovery has the ability to restore your deleted files from hard drives, CDs or DVDs, memory cards, and even external drives. It is undeniable that Recuva is one of the best free data recovery applications today.

It has superior file data recovery capabilities, the latest scanning mode, uses industry-standard erasure techniques and the ability to recover files from damaged or newly formatted files, making storage features so secure. The ability to run without installation is one of the features that distinguish it from other recovery software.

2. Testdisk

Testdisk is an open-source program that has the function of restoring lost partitions or repairing non-booting hard disks. This feature makes TestDisk able to compete with the best data recovery software for PCs. This software can be used also in OSes other than Windows.

With this software, all forms of data that you have deleted or erased and lost can be recovered quickly and easily. TestDisk also has a large selection of settings, settings for beginners and expert users.

3. Undelete 360

Undelete 360 ​​is a free data recovery software that you can use. It has a distinctive look of Office applications that are simple and easy to understand for users, even beginners.

This software can restore files deleted from the hard disk, even flash. Besides Undelete 360 ​​can scan and search files for the drive that you have specified.

Those are the 3 best Data Recovery Software recommended for you. Choose one of the recovery software above according to your needs.

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