How to Download the Latest Version of Mi Flash Tool

  • 22 Jan 2020



The name of the Xiaomi smartphone is clearly familiar to our ears. How not, now Xiaomi has become one of the Smartphone brands that is very loved in Indonesian society, especially young people. Carrying qualified specifications at affordable prices, Xiaomi smartphones are welcomed friendly by our society.

Like other Android Smartphones, Xiaomi also presents a tool for useful firmware flashing. The tool is named Mi Flash. Mi Flash Tools is a free application from Xiaomi that is used for flashing the Xiaomi ROM that works for Fastboot firmware / ROM installations with the “.tgz” format specifically for Xiaomi with Qualcomm Snapdragon’s SoC (System of Chip) type. Smartphone or tablet from Xiaomi that is compatible with this tool, such as Xiaomi Redmi 2, Redmi 3, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Xiaomi Mi Series Mi3, Mi4, Mi5, Mi6 and so on.

The Importance of Downloading the Latest Mi Flash Tool Version

If at any time your Xiaomi device experiences a boot loop or bricked, the only way to fix it is to use the MiFlash Tool. To minimize bootloop, this installation method via MiFlash is highly recommended if you want to upgrade or downgrade the ROM version. You don’t need to bother looking for drivers, because in the Mi Flash Tool it is equipped with Google ADB Drivers, USB Drivers, Qualcomm USB Serial Drivers, and Microsoft RNDIS and MTP.

Therefore, for you Xiaomi users, it’s best to download and install the latest version of the Mi Flash Tool on your PC. To upgrade or downgrade your Xiaomi ROM and in case if at any time your Xiaomi phone is having problems.

This article will discuss how to download the latest version of mi flash tool. Listen carefully.

How to Download the Latest Version of Mi Flash Tool

1. Download the Mi Flash Tool

Before installing the MI Flash tool on your PC, please download the latest version of the Mi Flash Tool on the official Xiaomi website. If it’s not from the official site, it is feared, it will have a bad impact on your cellphone.

Please download the Latest Version of the Mi Flash Tool at

2. Install the Mi Flash Tool

After the Mi Flash Tool file is downloaded, the file is ready to be installed on your PC. Installing Mi Flash Tools is actually the same as installing or installing applications on a PC in general. However, if you have installed the old version of Mi Flash Tool, uninstall it first.

  • After the Mi Flash Tool download process is complete, you will get a download file in .zip format
  • Extract the file
  • Then Right-Click – Install on the MiFlashblablabla.msi file.
  • Then click the Next button until the process is complete, then click Close.
  • If a warning notification appears several times, just select “Install this driver software anyway“. This warning notification appears because the publisher Mi Flash Tools driver is not recognized by the Windows system
  • After the installation process is complete, run Mi Flash Tools by opening the C: \ Xiaomi \ XiaoMiFlash folder
  • Then Right ClickRun as Administrator found on XiaoMiFlash.exe or also through the Mi Flash Tools icon that appears on your PC’s desktop.

You need to know the official Mi Flash Tool from Xiaomi, you can install it on Windows XP to Windows 10. Now that’s how to download and install the latest Mi Flash Tool. Hopefully useful!

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