5 List of the Best Free Blog Templates

  • 19 Jan 2020



Free Blog Templates – In Indonesia, many blogs are loved, either to search for AdSense or just to accommodate the owner’s writings. A blog should have an attractive template so that visitors to your blog feel comfortable when reading your writing. A blog template must also have a good appearance so as to enhance the user experience and UI (user interface).

Blog as a mature blog platform provides a variety of responsive and attractive templates. However, if you are not satisfied with the free templates that have been provided, there is no harm in using templates made by third parties.

Don’t worry, if you don’t want to spend money on these templates, there are plenty of free templates available. This article will tell you some of the best free blog template lists.

5 Best Free Blogger Templates

The following is a list of free and best blog templates:

1. Typography

Typography is intended for you who compose a blog by prioritizing writing. Typography is a template that uses font types that are easy to read. The goal is to make your visitors want to linger reading your interesting posts.

This template is a very minimalist template making it easier for you to write ideas without having to bother choosing the right picture. SEO-friendly typography has a fairly fast loading time, so you don’t need to worry about the performance of this template. Not only that, this blogger template has many features, such as auto-resize thumbnails and is fully responsive.

2. SEO Boost

SEO Boost is the best and free template for you to download. This blogger template has a clean and sleek UI (interface). This template is suitable for your blog that focuses on lifestyle, traveling, food, health, sports, technology, games, business, and entertainment web sites.

If you are looking for a blogger template that looks minimalist then, SEO boost is the best choice. This blogger template has a minimalist and clean design and has been optimized according to user needs. One of the most important things, SEO boost is a blogger template that is fully compatible with AdSense.

3. Button

The button is worth making your choice if you are looking for a minimalist blogger template with two columns. A fresh look can be used for blogs with the theme of home decoration, parenting, and fashion or personal blogs.

Button has provided a drop-down menu to make it look concise. You will also find various social media icons that make it easy for visitors to share articles they like on their social media lifeline.

This blogger template also supports Google Fonts with more font choices. Unfortunately, for the free version, this template does not yet support SEO.

4. Ratio

If you are an expert in photography and interesting photos are your mainstay to attract visitors, you can rely on Ratio.

This responsive blogger template appears minimalist and SEO friendly features are also embedded in the Ratio making it easier for internet users to find your blog. The use of font types that are easy to read makes your blog visitors get a pleasant experience with this blogger template.

5. Fastest Blogger

Fastest Blogger is a free Blogger Template with the fast page loading, so this template fits any screen size or device. This template is ideal for smartphones, giving you the opportunity to attract mobile users to visit your blog.

This blogger template is ideal for businesses, companies, blogs, personal websites, food blogs, reviews, films, criticisms, tutorials, institutions, examinations, banking, and others. Apart from that, this template is very AdSense friendly.

The template for a blog that you have is very important, therefore, make it as interesting as possible so that visitors feel at home for long on your blog. That was a review of 5 free blog template lists. Happy choice!

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