How to Check Website Backlinks Using 2 Free Online Tools

  • 21 Jan 2020



A backlink is a designation for a link/link that leads to the website. This backlink is useful as a reference to facilitate users or simply for optimization purposes so that the website is more popular in the eyes of the Google search engine.

As more and more SEO-based campaigns as a strategy to attract potential buyers, backlink needs are growing, because one of the determinants of your website’s weight is backlinks.

Benefits, backlinks are divided into two types, namely Dofollow and Nofollow. When viewed in plain view, the two types of backlinks above are actually no different at all. However, the Dofollow backlink type has a higher value in the eyes of search engines, so it is more desirable, for the type of Nofollow it is relatively less desirable because it does not have a significant effect on the website. In essence, the more backlinks you get, the better your website’s reputation will be in the eyes of the Google search engine.

To get backlinks, there are various ways you can use it. Like, create unique and interesting content, do guest posts, or just leave comments on other people’s blogs.

Well, if you want to check the number of backlinks you have, how to check website backlinks, or view the quality of your website, you can use online tools, free!

How to Check Website Backlinks Using 2 Free Online Tools

Actually there is an easy way to check website backlinks, by typing the Intext: URL entry in your browser. Although you can see that there are several backlinks, the search results will be mixed with plain text that contains the intext that you type.

As an alternative, use free online tools to check your website’s backlink. Here are 2 free online tools to check your website backlink:

1. SmallSEOTools

Using this tool, not only do you check your own backlinks, but you can also check other people’s backlinks. To check backlinks through smallseotools, all you need to do is as follows:

  • You only need to go to the link and enter the domain for which you want to see the backlink. Don’t forget to include the complete URL
  • After that, you can set to see the URL backlinks that you entered or all backlinks that point to that domain
  • Then SmallSEOTools will display the number of backlinks complete with the percentage of Dofollow / Nofollow and the number of domains that provide all those backlinks

2. Google Calendar Console (GSC)

If you only want to check your own website’s backline, you can use Google Search Console. Besides being free, this tool is also very accurate. To check backlinks using Google Search Console, you must register your website with Google Search Console. If you have the following steps:

  • Enter the Google Search Console dashboard, then select the LINKS menu
  • You can see any links that are connected to your website, both internal links and external links
  • To view the backlinks that you have, click the external link
  • In external links, backlink data that you can see include posts that are often given backlinks sites that most often provide backlinks, and anchor text used in those backlinks.
  • Although claimed to be very accurate, but if you use Google Search Console, you cannot see and distinguish Dofollow backlinks and Nofollow backlinks.

That’s how to check website backlinks using 2 free online tools, please try, so that your website is increasingly popular!

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