Confused How to Overcome the HP Oppo A37F Pattern Forgot Password? Here’s How!

  • 19 Jan 2020



Oppo A37F Pattern Forgot Password? – Who doesn’t know the Oppo smartphone brand? This smartphone brand from China, which claims its product as a “camera phone”, is very popular among the people of Indonesia. Affordable prices, specifications that are not kidding, and with the offer of the best “selfie” results, makes Oppo so in demand in Indonesian people who are selfie lovers.

According to the Canalys market research institute for the first quarter of 2018 in Indonesia, Oppo managed to rank third with sales reaching 1.5 million units. With this evidence, Oppo proves itself to be the ruler of the largest smartphone market in Indonesia, even though it is counted as a new brand on the smartphone scene in the country.

Oppo A37F is a type of Android-based smartphone that is equipped with 2GB RAM, Qualcomm chipset, 4G or LTE network, and equipped with a front camera with a size of 5 MP is considered very in demand in the market class.

It is very common if sophisticated smartphones such as the Oppo A37F are also equipped with security features such as pattern lock, pin lock, or password lock. Naturally, Oppo A37F users will use this feature to protect their smartphones from irresponsible people so that their cellphones cannot be carelessly opened.

However, forgetfulness seems to have become a common characteristic of humanity, including the Oppo A37F users. Not infrequently, users forget the pattern lock of the smartphone they made themselves. Then how to overcome the HP Oppo A37F who forgot the pattern? Let’s look at the explanation below.

How to Overcome the Forgotten HP Oppo A37F Pattern

How to deal with forgetting patterns or forgetting passwords on Android phones are generally the same, which is doing a factory hard reset. Hard reset or factory reset is returning cellphone settings to factory settings as when you first bought a cellphone.

The hard research process will make all the settings that you set on the phone, including pattern lock or pin lock will return to factory settings. So the pattern or pin that we put on the cellphone will disappear automatically.

However, you need to know, how to overcome the Oppo A37F forget this pattern is different from how to deal with Android phones forget the pattern in general, which is enough to just do a hard reset.

For those of you who are disappointed because you have tried to do a hard reset on the HP Oppo A37F but it did not work, you do not need to worry now there is a solution. Consider the following explanation:

Steps to Overcome Forgotten HP Oppo A37F Patterns

  1. For this process, you need a computer device to install
  2. Download Qualcomm USB Driver and Firmware
  3. Extract all files and install Qualcomm USB Driver
  4. After it’s installed, connect your HP Oppo to the PC with a USB cable. Then press Volume up and the power button simultaneously
  5. See the device manager, the driver status must be Quallcom HS-9008. The point is that the cellphone must be connected.
  6. Open the Msm8x39Downloadtool file, after opening, release the two-volume up and power buttons.
  7. If the Msm8x39Downloadtool file is already open, click start
  8. Wait for the process to finish, then turn on your HP Oppomu
  9. At this point, your Oppo phone should no longer be locked

Those are the steps to overcome the hp oppo a37f forget the pattern. I hope this helps!

Remember, in doing so, you must remain careful and cautious because if you make a wrong move, your own risk will bear it.

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